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Anonymous: did you make your acid wash jeans or where did you buy them?

I bought a pair of bleachers in Paris but its easy to do yourself (i think) you need to tie elastic bands round the denim in places then just put it in a vat of bleach. 

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Im back in Chinley for Easter and its beautiful. The novelty of the hills and lambs hasn’t worn off yet so theres no place like home. 

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Anonymous: Working hard, hardly working. Have you seen Frozen? Scene queens: where are they now? Which states have you visited? 30 days! Why is Georgia backwards? Hunched over, squinting through a magnifying glass, looking for clues. What if the best colours are outside the visible spectrum? How many apple devices do you currently have? To spend money on holidays or material goods that will last... Players only love you when they're playing. Your Friday Anons xoxo

YOLO. I turn 21 soon, can my anons find my address the third time round? Hardly working, you better work bitch. I havn’t seen frozen, should I? What is frozen, serious Q. Dont be jel be reem. Ive been to a few states, Wyoming, Montanna etc. Red and yellow and pink and green, orange and purple and blue. I can see a rainbow too. Happy easter. 

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